It's a new age,
It's time for a new record label

Cannabis Records partners music with the cannabis industry, creating individual brands and opportunities for our artists

About Our Company

Headquartered in California, Cannabis Records is a rock-n-roll music label.

Our mission is to create a personalized brand of cannabis behind every act we sign, incorporating music releases under the label that cater to a wide variety of not just cannabis users but to those who appreciate the collaboration of authentic music and cannabis merchandising and brands.

Income Streams


Records Stores

Cannabis Records will be more than a record label, its physical locations will encompass a full record store with Vinyl, Cd’s, Tapes, Posters, Books, and more.

Customers can listen to the music and smoke cannabis with full air ducts systems to filter the air. Equipped with its paraphernalia, everything from pipes, and rolling papers, carrying not just the Cannabis Records Brand but the brand of each of its artists.

Individual Branding

Each artist will be partnered with a cannabis grower creating their own special blend of cannabis with their individual logo under the Cannabis Records brand.


Unsigned Artists and up-coming producers will have the opportunity to be mentored by industry professionals every month at our facilities during question-and-answer seminars as well as hands on classes in production.


The Velvicks

A NYC rock band with some serious Rock ‘n Roll butt cheeks!


The Retrograde

One of the southeast’s hottest up-and-coming power trios. Their new single, ‘Dirty Daisy’ is out now, worldwide.


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