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Beyond the ordinary record label,

Cannabis Records

is an experience.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a personalized brand of cannabis behind every act we sign, incorporating music releases under the label that cater to a wide variety of not just cannabis users but to those who appreciate the collaboration of authentic music and cannabis merchandising and brands.


The Cannabis Records executive team has cultivated many connections over the years and are ready to capitalize on those relationships. While there are many others, below is a quick summary of the top crucial partnerships we will be utilizing from the start.

Sony/Orchard will be responsible for all physical and digital distribution internationally of our artists music, including sync licensing through Extreme for TV and Film opportunities. The Orchard is the industry’s leading distributor and artist & label services company. They reach digital and physical retailers worldwide. They specialize in digital marketing, advertising, sync licensing, video monetization, and performance rights services.

Cannabis Records has already secured a highly sought after partnership with 360 Degree Inc for their label management and consultation services. Their core product offering is to guide and counsel labels, artists, and/or management teams on music release strategies. With strategic alliances with companies like BMG, Blue Elan, KZZ, etc., their industry relationships and knowledge are significant.

Empire has been involved with the acquisition, cultivation, and distribution of cannabis (as well as the advancement of the cannabis industry into the legal marketplace) for decades. They will be utilizing their expertise to help Cannabis Records create and distribute both company branded and artist branded strains.

Jones has already endorsed the first artist (The Velvicks) in their 2022 campaign. They are on board to create brands of Cannabis Soda for each artist as well as the Cannabis Records brand for sale across the U.S. in over 250,000 stores.
Jones has already endorsed the first artist (The Velvicks) in their 2022 campaign. They are on board to create brands of Cannabis Soda for each artist as well as the Cannabis Records brand for sale across the U.S. in over 250,000 stores.

The Team

Johnny Miller, Founder /
Chief Executive Officer

Johnny has been a part of the music and entertainment business for over 35 years in many different aspects, from music publishing, tour management, booking, A&R (Sony/ Capitol/ Silverado), artist management, as well as being an artist in both the rock and country music industries for over 15 years. His experiences and connections within the music industry are invaluable and can only be cultivated over time. The intangible value of these connections are key to successfully navigating the industry landscape and providing opportunities for our artists and brand.

Andrew Liaw
Chief Financial Officer

Andrew will take on a leadership role and oversee the company’s day-to-day operations, finances, as well as business growth, strategy and development. He has extensive experience in management, finance, technology, and early stage startup ventures. He has guided several companies to multi-million dollar valuations and is focused on building creative solutions and monetization. His primary strengths include operational management, treasury management, fiscal policies, technology integration, supply chain management, banking, legal & corporate structuring, thought leadership, product design, and startup management.

Chris Springer
Creative Director

Chris Springer has a very diverse background as a designer and creative director, as well as a vintage contemporary clothing vendor. Chris started her first business when she was 16, studying Interior Design in college and went on to get her certificate in cosmetology, opening Seattle’s first late-night salon inside a multilevel music venue at 27.
Subsequently she was sought out to design multimedia events and styling for music artists for photoshoots and music videos in Seattle, Chicago, and Los Angeles.
Her many projects have included designing night clubs, retail spaces, and homes. For more than two decades Chris has acquired a strong skillset in retail management, finance control, fabrication, design, TV and film projects, and interiors.
Chris has defined her role by creating the perfect aesthetic and vibe even with the smallest budget and thinking outside of the box to assimilate a client’s needs to translate a client’s vision effectively and practically into reality.

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